I managed to avoid Zardoz for decades, and never felt like I was missing much.  I’ve always known it was out there, and it’s one of those movies that just about every PA fan has seen at one time or another, but I’ve never heard someone say they loved it, or that it was a “must see”, so I never bothered tracking it down.

But then it showed up on Netflix streaming, and it got harder to ignore.  It’s PA so I had to add it to my queue, but everytime I scrolled through it, there would be Sean Connery in his red diaper, with an expression like “Come on, you know you want a closer look at this.”  I didn’t really, but after a while I just wanted to shut him up, so I finally broke down and fired it up last night.

Wow, yeah, ok… that was… um… that was something alrght.  I’m not sure what it was, but it was sure something; something very wierd and very strange. 

If you’ve seen it yourself, you know what I  mean, and if you haven’t, you’re not missing much.  Yeah, there are a bunch of girl-boobs in it, but they don’t really offset the constant Connery man-boob action.  And there’s sort of a plot that kind of made sense, but overall it just had too much of that wacky 70s vibe for me.

If you’re in a 70s PA kind of mood, then like I said, it’s available on streaming, but I’d suggest you skip this one and spend your time elsewhere.

Here’s the original theatrical trailer.


Originally posted 2011-01-01 00:54:54.