After I finished the audiobook of Earth Abides, I needed something to listen to on the commute to work, so I fired up the first episode of the zombie audio drama, We’re Alive.

It turns out that was a good choice; the first three-part episode was pretty awesome. On the production side of things, the audio effects and the voice actors are top notch; everything sounded natural, and I didn’t feel like they were reading from a script. I like my audio dramas to feel like I’m listening to a movie, and most of the time, this one did.

I’ve only listened to the first full episode, but I like the story so far too. It’s the standard zombie outbreak scenario, but there’s lots of action, and the characters seem interesting.

From what I read on their Facebook page, they’re coming up to their season finale, episode 11, which gives me about 10 hours of zombie killing and post-apocalyptic survival to catch up on.

Check out the first episode below: