O-bi, O-ba – Koniec cywilizacji is one of those foreign language post-apocalyptic films I discovered on the IMDB list of post-apocalytic media.  (I think it’s Polish, but I’m not sure.) I couldn’t download it, so I picked up a copy of the DVD on Ebay.  It cost less than $10 delivered, so I’m not sorry I bought it, but the movie was just ok.

It takes place one year after a nuclear war forces approximately 2000 survivors into a series of undergound bunkers, protected by some kind of dome that keeps out the fallout and nuclear winter.  To give the people hope, those in charge spread the story of the Ark, a space ship kind of thing that will come and take everyone off of Earth to safety.

The look and feel of the film was great; the bunker they lived in was totally believable.  There was lots of concrete and brick, and dripping exposed pipe.  But overall the movie was just too strange for me.  All of the characters were more or less insane, and the fact that everyone was looking forward to being rescued by the Ark, and going to live in space wasn’t very believable.

So if you happen to acquire a copy of it, it’s watchable, but I woudn’t spend the time looking for it.

Originally posted 2009-06-26 00:38:40.