If you’re reading this, and you know what a podcast is, then chances are that you’re familiar with Through the Aftermath, which, to the best of my knowledge, was the only show out there to focus specifically on topics relating to the post-apocalyptic genre.

Notice I said “was”, because about a month ago, TTA hosts Shawn and Jonathan decided to wrap it up, and ended the show after two years and 46 episodes.  But for those of you who may not have had the pleasure of listening to them discuss everything from PA games, books and movies, to practical preparation methods, and even related historical events, I’ve got you covered.

Shawn has had issues with the hosting of the TTA show site before, so just to make sure that the episodes weren’t somehow lost forever, I went ahead and gave them the same treatment that I did for the Destructomundo podcast a while back.

I downloaded every TTA episode, freshened up the ID3 tags a bit, and then uploaded the whole kit & caboodle to Archive.org, where they’ll be kept safe, both for current fans to re-enjoy, and for future fans who stumble across the show for the first time.

So when you’re the mood for some very informative, and usually very funny, post-apocalyptic conversation, head on over to Archive.org/details/ThroughTheAftermath, and download or stream to your heart’s content.

And don’t forget that you can still keep up with Shawn and Jonathan by keeping an eye on their current projects.  Shawn is “decityfying” at From Freeways to Farmland and Jonathan is keeping the post-apocalyptic vibe going at Beyond the Aftermath.