The Archeress, by Long Beach trio Bella Novela, is a concept record about the last woman on earth and her battle for survival in a vampire and zombie-swarmed apocalypse.

“In the not too distant future, a zombie infection has spread into a worldwide epidemic. Civilization has collapsed, and communication has been lost. In the panic of the outbreak, the vampires who have lived among us since the beginning of time have been forced to reveal themselves in an attempt to harvest their quickly dwindling food supply – the human race.

In the post-apocalyptic wasteland, a woman, believing that she is the last on earth, battles her way through her dying planet, searching for survivors. A long-fabled shuttle mission with plans for human repopulation is her only hope. Guided by the ghosts of the lost, she nears salvation. But as desperation closes in and darkness encompasses, her worst fears are realized.”

You can listen to the entire album yourself right here, or purchase it in a variety of digital formats for just $10 on Bella Novela’s BandCamp site.