If you’ve been following my site, you’re probably familiar with QuietEarth.us, one of the premier blogs on the web for all things sci-fi, horror, zombie and genre in film, TV, books and games.  You might even know that they have deep roots in, and a particular love for, the post-apocalyptic genre.  But unless you’ve been around for a while, you might not know that QuietEarth.us provided the inspiration, and a co-host, for one of first, if not the first, podcasts devoted entirely to post-apocalyptic topics.

Running for 20 episodes in mid to late 2007, Quiet Earth Radio paired QuietEarth.us founder, Quiet Earth, and PA aficionado, Wilcoy, as they discussed various aspects of the genre.  Topics ranged from classic PA novels to recent releases in movies and short films, including several special guests involved with their creation.

Then about a year after the final episode of Quiet Earth Radio, Wilcoy again took on the role of podcaster and lanched a solo effort called The Aftermath Show.  Over the course of almost two years, Wilcoy produced over 30 more episodes specifically related to the post-apocalyptic genre, with a focus on timely news items, and discussions of movies and TV current at the time including The Colony, and Survivors.

Now I may be jumping the gun a bit, because it’s only been just over a year since his last episode, and more recently Wilcoy has been updating his YouTube channel, but just in case there are no more episodes coming, I wanted to give Quiet Earth Radio and The Aftermath Show the same treatment I did for the Destructomundo and Through the Aftermath podcasts.

That, of course, is a bit of a sprucing up including renaming the files and freshening the ID3 tags, and uploading the entire set to Archive.org, to make sure that they’ll always be available for fans, current and future, to enjoy.

So if you’re in the mood for some high-quality discussion of post-apocalyptic topics, head on over to my Audio page to listen to any or all of the 51 total combined episodes, or head directly to their Archive.org detail page.  I even consolidated the show synopses into a single text file so that you can browse for shows that pique your interest.

Most of the news covered will be a bit out of date, but a lot of their talk will be as relevant, and entertaining, today as it was back then.

Here’s the premier episode to whet your appetite a bit.

Audio Files VBR MP3
Quiet Earth Radio 2007-07-11 6.9 MB