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Lord of the World by Robert Hugh Benson

Mr. Benson sees the world, four or five generations hence, free at last from all minor quarrels, and ranged against itself in two camps, Humanitarianism for those who believe in no divinity but that of man, Catholicism for those who believe in no divinity but that of God.

Hello, Tomorrow

To escape a world devastated by nuclear radiation, Mankind has retreated underground, but the Final War still rages on. Part of the Dimension X anthology series.

At Midnight on the 31st of March

A year in the life of a small town which finds itself struggling to survive when the rest of civilization mysteriously vanishes overnight. Broadcast 31 March 1943 on NBC’s Author’s Playhouse anthology series.

This is Not a Test (1962)

Late one night on a rural road in the western US, a policeman sets up a roadblock and begins stopping all traffic. When several cars and a big truck have stopped, he and the others learn the reason for this roadblock…

On the 8th Day – Nuclear Winter Documentary (1984)

“On The 8th Day” is chilling, a result entirely consistent with its aim. The one-hour documentary explores the possible ecological and atmospheric consequences of nuclear war, particularly as they would be expressed in a ”nuclear winter.” Darkness would shroud the Northern Hemisphere; temperatures would fall. The planet would survive, but not as a hospitable place.

Darkness and Dawn by George Allan England

The trilogy, Darkness and Dawn (published in 1912, 13, 14 as “The Vacant World”, “Beyond the Great Oblivion” and “Afterglow”) tells the story of 2 modern people who awake a thousand years after the earth was devastated by a meteor.