I was Googling for post-apocalyptic podcasts, and I came across an audio drama by Broken Sea Productions, called Mad Max: Tomorrow’s Road.  It’s basically dramatized fan fiction set in, and using the characters from, the Road Warrior universe. It takes place fairly early in the storyline, probably between Mad Max and The Road Warrior or thereabouts.

Overall, I really liked it, but I have to admit it could have been even better.  The production quality is really good, but it didn’t use the kind of overly descriptive dialog often used in audio dramas to help you tell what’s going on.  It really felt like listening to a movie without seeing the video, and a lot of the time I couldn’t really tell who was doing what.

But hey, it’s original Mad Max content, so even if it was crap (which it wasn’t) it would still be awesome.  I really hope they continue the story and do more episodes.

But even if they don’t there looks to be even more post-apocalyptic audio goodness over there.  They have five episodes of Logan’s Run and a whopping 14 episodes of Planet of the Apes.

Sorry Leo, but it looks like I’ll be putting my podcast listening on hold for a while (at least until the next episode of 118 Migration comes out).