I’m sure most of you reading this have seen the movie The Quiet Earth, but I’d be surprised if more than just a few of you have ever read the book that it was based on. The reason I’m so sure of this is the fact that for some strange reason the book is almost impossible to find, and if you do find one, you can bet it will be way expensive.

So when I saw a 1986 paperback come up on Ebay recently, I put in what I thought would be a low-ball bid, and (un)fortunately, I won. I thought with my luck, it would get lost in the mail, but nope, it showed up today, and it turns out it’s in pretty good condition.

I don’t even know if the book is any good or not, but I do plan to actually read it. As long as I don’t totally destroy it when I do, I think that if I do decide to resell it, I won’t have too much trouble getting my purchase price back.

I won’t be able to start it for a while, so if you have read it, don’t spoil it for me. For this kind of money, I need to get as much enjoyment out of it as I can…