I’d been keeping an eye on the book Day by Day Armegeddon by JL Bourne for a while, but it was really hard to find a copy unless you were willing to pay big bucks for it on Ebay or something

But I guess it was finally reprinted, ’cause I was able to get a copy off Amazon for a normal price. I figured it would be a good vacation book and it was. Finished it in a couple of evenings and really enjoyed it.

It’s a story of the zombie apocalypse written as the narrator’s journal, with an entry or two per day for a few months. The zombies in this one are pretty much the stereotypical shamblers that most people think of when they think zombies. The narrator is a Naval aviator, but he definitely has knowledge of survival tactics beyond what he learned it flight school. Lots of description of weapons and such.

Overall, it was very entertaining, but it did kind of just stop at the end. I understand the author is working on a sequel so maybe the story get wrapped up there.

It wasn’t as good as World War Z, but I’d still definitely recommend it.

Originally posted 2008-08-14 18:12:00.