Destructomundo is a post-apocalyptic podcast chronicling the ways the world might end, and what we can do to try and stop it, or just survive it. In each episode a panel of “experts” discusses a new world-ending topic that is sure to entertain and inform…

Hosted by James, Derek, Ted and later Adam, Destructomundo ran for 32 episodes between 2005 and 2008.  They discussed a variety of end of the world topics ranging from the traditional like nuclear war, the zombie apocalypse, and alien invasion to some more obcure ways civilization might end like supernatural evil, super villians, and the Antichrist.

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Audio Files 64Kbps MP3
Road Warriors 31.5 MB
Rise of the Robots 29.3 MB
Aliens Attack 29.2 MB
Supervillians 29.2 MB
Science Run Amok 31.8 MB
The Big List 31.8 MB
Doom Cults 33.1 MB
Last Man on Earth 31.9 MB
The Antichrist 32.0 MB
Zombie Apocalypse part 1 31.7 MB
Zombie Apocalypse part 2 20.3 MB
Fourth Reich part 1 28.3 MB
Fourth Reich part 2 21.2 MB
Dystopia 36.3 MB
Post-Apocalypses 32.6 MB
Bunkers 27.2 MB
Rocks From Space 32.7 MB
Mutants 34.3 MB
Dopplegangers 38.7 MB
Nuclear War 31.4 MB
Supernatural Evil part 1 24.8 MB
Supernatural Evil part 2 27.9 MB
Time Travel 36.9 MB
Technopause 30.6 MB
Anarchy 38.7 MB
Louisville Zombie Attack 28.2 MB
Chtulhu 42.0 MB
The Big List 2 Christmas Special 43.2 MB
Superheroes part 1 25.5 MB
Superheroes part 2 21.4 MB
Terrorism 39.7 MB
Overpopulation 36.7 MB
Global Warming 41.5 MB
Vampires part 1 30.6 MB
Vampires part 2 26.7 MB
Hell On Earth 42.7 MB
Monsters 38.8 MB
The Mythical Episode Zero 28.6 MB