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Audio Dramas

Dwellers in Silence

The first explorers from a colonized Mars to return to Earth generations after the Atomic War discover the last survivors, a family with some very odd peculiarities about them. Story by Ray Bradbury; part of the Martian Chronicles series.

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This is Not a Test

A patrolman gets orders to put up a roadblock on a lonely highway, which detains various people in the middle of the night. Messages from the police radio soon make clear the catastrophic reason. “Described audio” from the Movies for the Blind podcast.

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Things to Come

In the near future, Everytown is hit by a war which drags on for decades, resulting in a mysterious illness and a quasi-medieval society. Adapted by H.G. Wells from his book. “Described audio” from the Movies for the Blind podcast.

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The Wheel

In this post-apocalyptic fable, Owen and Topsie cross the near-endless Desert of Glass, staying one step ahead of the radio-active glowwinds. Produced by Seeing Ear Theater.

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Quiet, Please

The last man alive describes what’s left of his world — and how it got that way. An original play for radio by Wyllis Cooper, broadcast 29 March 1948 and 25 June 1949 on the Quiet, Please anthology series.

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