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The Fifth Horseman (1946)

A series of audio dramas released as part of a campaign to convince the American public to accept a plan to put all nuclear weapons under United Nations control.

Target One – X Minus One (1957)

A trio of time travelers goes back in time to try to prevent the nuclear apocalypse that has ravaged the planet, which they believe can be achieved by assassinating just one man – Albert Einstein.

Watched Fail Safe – Live teleplay from 2000

Fail Safe aired on CBS on April 9, 2000, as a live teleplay, broadcast in black and white to call back to the time it takes place. It was the first live drama aired on CBS in almost 40 years, and the occasion called for a cast of notable actors. Richard Dreyfus as the president, with George Clooney, Harvey Keitel, Don Cheadle, Brian Dennehy, Sam Elliot and Noah Wyle rounding out the performers.

Warning Red (1956)

Produced under the auspices of the Federal Civil Defense Administration in 1956, Warning Red is a little different from the myriad of other Civil Defense films in that it uses a dramatization of an atomic attack and its immediate aftermath to demonstrate the value of being prepared for such an event.

A Fire in the Sky (1978)

A Fire in the Sky debuted on NBC in 1978. It follows astronomer Jason Voight as he tries to impress on politicians and the public the danger of an impending comet strike on the city of Phoenix.